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ˇEste juego es un pedacito como el supermario, juego justo él y usted lern él, buena suerte!

Bubble and Bobble

Welcome to the amazing world of little dragons and bubbles. As many of you might already know, in this game you play as a little dragon and explore the different levels protecting yourself from various cute but deadly creatures.

You protect yourself by blowing bubbles and trapping the little creatures inside them. The bubbles then rise to the top and you have to burst them as quickly as possible before the little creatures burst out of the bubbles and start chasing you again but this time with more vigor.

Collect all the bonus items to gain points and grab the power-ups like shoes and special sweets/candies to gain extra strength and ability. You get an extra life for every 10,000 points you score. Also remember that if you don't hurry up in completing a level...a little ghost will appear who will chase you to death. Enjoy the game...


Move Left Left Arrow Key
Move Right Right Arrow Key
Jump Up Arrow Key
Shoot Space Bar